Sunday, January 26, 2014

WIWS: 38 weeks

WIWS: 38 Weeks
Don't worry, the end is nearing, I think baby has dropped, and hopefully you won't have to endure maternity WIWS much longer ;) Last night I actually didn't even know if I would make it to mass since I felt terrible from a cold and cough. After lots of praying it would subside, a long night in bed, and a nice hot shower this morning, I was definitely feeling well enough to venture out. But, I consciously sat in the back and abstained from the sign of peace, in the hopes of not passing along any germs. Please ignore my tired look and overall lack of make up due to feeling under the weather.
Here is what I wore:

Top: Motherhood
Scarf: Target
Cardigan: New York and Company
Pants: Apt 9 (Kohls)
Shoes: Vera Wang (Kohls)
Bracelet: Gift from my mom
And, of course, another belly shot. I remembered to take off the scarf this week.
During the homily today, the priest spoke about "why we are here". I'm sure most people remember from the catechism that we exist to know, love and serve God, yet so many people still wander this earth wondering what their purpose is. One thing Father reminded us was that we need to remember we aren't here to necessarily marry, have a family, get degrees, work amazing jobs, or make money. Of course, we can still know, love and serve God through all of those things, but we need to remember that we have a family out of love for God, to raise children to serve him and know him, we work for love of God for others, and all this is done with the ultimate goal that we end up in heaven.
None of that is anything new or profound, but it was great for a reminder because with baby coming, it's so easy to get bogged down under all the items we "need" and worrying about all the extras.
Of course... I'm still having a little bit of anxiety whether she is definitely a girl or not... but it's all in God's hands :)
Happy Sunday and please join others for more WIWS at Fine Linen and Purple.



  1. Great reminder. :) And what a cute baby bump- you look great!

  2. The pants... these pants are AMAZING! Really super cute outfit and Mommy pic :) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks! Actually, someone at work handed them down to me. Their friend bought them, and they didn't fit, so they still had the tags on! I'm not sure why... but in the top pic... I look really short and I thought they made me look a little stout, but I think I just don't know how to pose for pictures :)