Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Finally Finished!

I'm finally done! I did it! I made the adorable little clutch that Theresa posted... umm... errrr... a MONTH ago!? Please keep in mind this is my first sewing project in ten years.

I found my fabric and started cutting....

Note that these pictures do not include the multiple scraps I made by not paying attention to the sizes I should have been cutting.

Then I got out the sewing machine. With my nose in the manual, my encouraging husband commented that it looked like it would be easier to just go out and buy a bag....

I loaded the bobbin up and shoved it in the shuttle. Then I successfully threaded up the machine with my wonderful, bright pink thread. I was feeling pretty pleased at this point.

Then I tried raising the bobbin thread. FAIL.

I called mom and I called friends. No success. Had to wait until Monday to bring it to my friend who generously loaned me the machine. Monday sort of turned into Wednesday because I forgot the machine one morning and left it in the car Tuesday.

Thus why it is now Thursday.

But look at how adorable it is!!!

Ok, I have a lot to learn in the sewing department. The corners and sides are a bit wobbly, but I was very happy with my first attempt. I can't wait to find more great fabrics to make this little bag in as well as try more sewing projects!

For directions, please visit Theresa's earlier post. She has some great tips. Or, the original blog, The Elm Street Life by Whitney.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Apologies for the lack of posting! This isn't even going to be exciting: no pictures, no crafts, very little productivity.

However, I have some incredibly good excuses :)

I LOVED Theresa's last post about her little black clutch. I even got to see it in person over St. Patrick's day weekend. She hadn't done the post yet, and I just kept gushing over it and exclaiming at random intervals that I really wanted to make one, no make twenty, of them in different colors for every girl I knew. I guess she got the hint that I really needed instructions, because she promptly returned home and put up her post ;) Thanks Theresa!

So I saved up coupons, reviewed who needed an adorable little clutch and a homemade gift, and finally set out to JoAnn's a week ago (It's a half hour away, so I like to plan the trip when I have multiple stops to make). I got this great printed linen for the exterior and I was sooo excited throughout the rest of my shopping trip (Well, the five new dresses I also picked up may or may not have been contributing to my state of euphoria) that I couldn't wait to get home and start my new project.

Upon my return home, I proudly showed my new outfits to my poor husband, who tried really hard to look as happy as I was, and enthusiastically started to organize my other craft finds. I picked up the stencil that I got at Michael's for fifty percent off, and opened it up while imagining all the great things I was going to use it on - canvas bags, tee shirts, glass vases, napkins, kitchen towels, etc - when I noticed that all of the pieces weren't punched out! I looked at it again in disbelief. I must just be looking at it wrong, I thought. But no, right in the middle of several of the stencils are the unpunched pieces of the design! I was a bit deflated. I was going to have to go alllll the way back. But I still had my fabric and I was going to start my clutch and FINALLY get out the sewing machine.

Alas, my project wasn't meant to be. No, it's just meant for another day. The woman at JoAnn's didn't cut out the correct amount of interfacing! And she charged me for the amount I wanted.

I've planned the trip for returns and exchanges next Thursday. Expect to see warm and sunny pictures from Myrtle Beach along with the new purse!