Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unproductive Crafter

I love crafts. Said everyone who is on the internet and has a Pinterest account. I want to make all of my family and friends homemade gifts and save lots of money for Christmas while giving from the heart, said all those addicted to manically adding other people's ideas to their one of fifty "boards". Well whoever said that this would save me money, was lying. Or perhaps no one ever said that and it was one of many unjustified assumptions I make.

Well enough of the Pinterest hating, because I'll admit it, I really like Pinterest. But it's seriously detrimental to my productivity. I have the worst personality to combine with any type of social media.

Number One: I'm a sucker for pretty things and I get really excited about ideas.
Number Two: I'm the world's worst procrastinator
Number Three: I love to shop

Here is the situation: I have over fifty projects on my "Craft" Board and have successfully finished one. This one finished project left me with such an immense feeling of satisfaction that I have been unable to finish another. However, this great triumph has not prevented me from raiding several crafts stores and coming home with dozens of items for multiple future projects that I will continue to dream and think about.

Diagnosis: Severe addiction to viewing lovely homemade items and compulsive shopper.

Prognosis: This unfortunate condition will only continue unless a strong inducement to productivity arises.

Prescription: Have a blog so you have to complete things so you have something to talk about

Ok, well we'll see how that goes. Here's to finishing four jars of bath salts, two pairs of earrings, and an original magnetic alphabet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Welcome to A Clever Knack, a joint effort by some awesomely close, college friends! A work in progress.