Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reached Mid-Book Inspiration

My favorite distraction is a good book, but the problem with a good book is that it always seems to end and I am faced with the task of finding another good book to read.

However, the best part of a series is that it eliminates the task of finding the next book...until you reach the last book in the series, of course. 

Unfortunately for me, I am on the last book of a series. I am currently reading Reached, preceded by book 2, Crossed, and book 1, Matched

I can't give a review yet because I am in the midst of trying to figure out the unrevealed secretes of the book, but I can offer a passage that speaks perfectly to sharing Clever Knacks. 

A brief introduction: A "utopian" society has almost completely removed from people all forms of art and almost the idea of art, especially the creation of it. There are a few people who write letters in the ground, have music in them, or are able to sculpt and paint, but clearly these talents are hidden from Society. The passage I found came at a moment where a two people just discovered they could share their creations (where as previously the mere thought of creation was stifled and the only forms of art that were left from history were considered artifacts and only used in trading, never just shared). 

"..I let this knowledge rise within me like a song. 
I am not the only one writing. 
I am not the only one creating. 

I realize all over again that we don't need to trade our art-we could give, or share. Someone could bring a poem, someone else a painting. Even if we took nothing away, we would all have more, having looked on something beautiful or heard something true"(Reached, Ally Condie). 

This passage struck me to share because that is exactly what we are doing in our world today- in pinterest, blogs, even on facebook. We are sharing our creations with one another and, hopefully, promoting a culture that cultivates beauty and truth. We take pride in what we create and in what others have created. Amongst all the things our society is obsessed with, I feel like this obsession with sharing our creations (while slightly narcissistic ..), is not the worst obsession. It might even be a trend that promotes goodness, life, beauty, and positivity. 

This book talks about a Society that suffocates art. As many aspects as there are in our society that I disapprove of, I have to say this new trend of sharing food, crafts, fashion, music, etc. is a refreshing spark of life .


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