Saturday, December 15, 2012

Glitter Ornaments

Who loves sparkly, glittering ornaments all over their tree? I do! Who hates all that glitter that inevitably falls off said ornaments, coats everything within ten feet, and leaves traces all over your house with no hope of removal? I do!

Please stop asking these obvious questions, you are probably thinking right now.

Voila! I have a solution and I'm just tickled that I sort of thought of it all on my own (meaning it wasn't something I directly found on Pinterest).

A couple weeks ago I bought a package of six clear glass ornaments from Michaels ($3) figuring I would find something to do with them.

The first one was a pinspiration. I cut up old Christmas cards in strips, twirled them around a pencil and slid them into the ornament. Nothing too difficult and some friends were impressed, but I felt it didn't scream amazing.

Yesterday I got together with some friends for a crafty afternoon and I brought my ornaments. I had been playing around with the idea of "glittering" them, but I still wanted to be able to write on them or stencil. Also, the thought of glitter all over me for days was a bit nauseating. Here is the finished product (pre-stenciled)

I think they are really neat!

The finished one below I just added some really cute snowflake scrapbook sticker embellishments. They have little blue rhinestones on them. It was perfect for my ornament exchange party, except that I sort of wanted to keep it for myself.

Here is what I did and what you'll need: Clear glass ornament, Mod Podge (I made my own- equal parts water and Elmers glue), and glitter (I used embossing glitter, which is finer, but any glitter would probably work).

First you need to coat the inside of your ornament with a very thin layer of Mod Podge. Remove the metal top. I poured a tiny bit in, shook it around, and even put a little water in to make it thinner and so it coated the entire inside. Make sure you empty out any extra liquid- otherwise you will probably get clumps. Next you pour in glitter. A funnel would probably help, but I didn't have one and made a little bit of a mess. I poured in a little at a time and shook it around with the metal top back on. I removed the metal prongs that hold the top on so it doesn't scratch the wet glitter on the inside. Keep this up until the entire inside of your ornament is covered. Leave the top off and let dry overnight. Wow! Now you have this gorgeous little ornament you can write little messages on the outside, and give them as gifts without friends groaning at the thought of sparkles!

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