Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorite Fishies

I decided I ought to contribute to this blog since I'm supposed to be one of the authors and all...  With Lent fast approaching (difficult to believe... Christmas feels like yesterday) I thought I'd share one of my fast and easy favorite fish recipes my friend and I discovered a couple years ago.

To begin, I am a picky sea food eater.  If it has a shell, I will probably pick at it and grimace.  If it's chewy like shrimp anything or calamari, I will politely say NO thank you.  I am beginning to develop a taste for crab meat, even though it's been slow-a-coming. But give me real fish like salmon, walleye or rainbow trout... and you'll wonder what happened to dinner! 

I used to buy my fish fresh at a grocery store, mostly at Wegman's since I've been living out East.  I still do sometimes, but we all know that fresh deli meats and fish break the bank fast.  To try to save some money, I began searching other stores, and discovered these frozen, wild caught salmon fillets that come vacuum sealed packages. They are delicious and you can get them at Wal-mart for a very reasonable price.  

In addition to salmon, you will need a rice of your choice (I prefer white for this recipe), coconut milk, salt, pepper, olive oil, green onions, and Hoisin Sauce.  

To begin, add your desired amount of rice to a pot and add slightly under the suggested amount of water. I add a touch of olive oil to prevent sticking as well.  Cook on medium.  As rice boils and when water mostly evaporates, add the coconut milk to the rice and let it cook down.  I suggest about half a can of coconut milk for a cup of rice.  

Thaw fish in package (I use hot water and it takes 2-5 minutes)  and add to a skillet or baking dish.  I've cooked both on stove top and the oven.  Add olive oil, salt, pepper, and begin to cook or preheat oven to 375 degrees and place on middle rack.  I find the stove top to be quicker.  

I'm not entirely certain how long I cook it for... I just know that when the fish begins to flake and comes apart easily, it's done.  I would estimate about 6-9 minutes on the stove top and 15-20 minutes in the oven.  

When the salmon is mostly cooked through, I add Hoisin Sauce to the pan and garish with some green onions.  Allow to cook another minute or so, to heat up the sauce and cook onions a bit.  And here's the finished meal!  
I like to supplement this meal with corn on the cob and biscuits or breadsticks... and of course, a good glass of wine.  Enjoy!

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