Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well, hello January! Since you are just about over and all...

Obviously New Year's resolutions aren't my strong point.

Onto some success stories! I made a lot of Christmas gifts that my family members loved! My Aunts and Uncles really enjoyed the ornaments I made for them. They were quite an upgrade from the last ornament I made them, say, oh, twenty years ago. Glass instead of styrofoam- yipee!

I made about ten pairs of earrings, which of course I didn't take pictures of.  I suppose I'll just have to recreate them. However, I do have four new pairs I just finished and I do have pictures of those!

I found these red glass beads at JoAnns over Christmas break and thought they were really neat.

The beads at the bottom of these have little rose pictures painted inside. They were too pretty to pass by at a speciality beading store I found in Winchester.

I made the following two on the same day. The pink ones look like mother of pearl. The green ones were inspired by a pair of earrings my friend made me for my birthday.

So I think I need to find a better way to display these because I'm hoping to make more and perhaps sell online. Or, perhaps I'll just keep them for myself  :)

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  1. These are gorgeous, Rachel! I especially like the purple ones.